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Rental wagon in Kyiv: Rental wagon for trips to the country, the countryside, on holiday

 038Among drivers it is believed that the most practical car leaves the factory in station wagon. It is difficult to argue. With skillful use of on the wagon can be transported washing machine, refrigerator, small furniture, bathroom, but actually all that generally fit into it. Indispensable wagon during the trip to the country or to the village for the harvest. The elongated base is also suitable for trips to the sea a big company with all the equipment and victuals. Simply put, Rental wagon it can greatly simplify your life. And if you're just looking forwhere to get the wagon hire, Then we have something to offer you.

Here are 5 reasons why hire a wagon in Kyiv you profitable in Rent95:

  • Good cars. In most cases, the driver will be filed under the 2015-2020 model year car. All vehicles undergo regular maintenance, so the problems in a way you will not have.
  • Clean interior. Wagon hire by Rent95 is clean and pleasant for the trip. We try to approach this issue responsibly.

  • Rental price wagon. Car rental price starts from $ 20 per day, provided long-term lease. If you need a car for a couple of days, the price will increase. In any case, longer than you rent a wagon, the better it manages.
  • 037Rental wagon in Kyiv and not only. Take a wagon for rent it is possible not only in the capital but also the satellite towns. Such as Vyshneve, Boryspil, Bucha, Irpin, Brovary, Vyshgorod, Obukhiv etc. If you need a wagon for rent once at the airport, then Rent95 is also possible.
  • Moving to Ukraine. As soon as you place all the necessary documents, you open all the roads of the country except for the Crimea and the occupied territories. Thus, you can travel without problems in a rented station wagon at sea in Odessa or to rest in the Carpathians.

In order to rent a wagon you need to have:

- Passport;

- Driver’s license;

Talk to the wagon rental by phone, feeding the machine is possible at any location of your choice.

What is it needed for rolling wagon?

  • Summer move. If you are not going to pull in the private sector, the furniture, all the things you can fit in rented wagon. Convenient, comfortable and economical!
  • 036Leisure at sea, in the countryside. Ordinary sedan cannot always "take on board" tent, inflatable boat, the food in astronomical quantities and associated equipment. Handle it without problems wagon for rent in Kyiv. Make it on my own experience with the "Rent95".
  • For trips for relatives at the airport or leisure big family. The golden rule: if passengers will be with the bags, always take in rent wagon. To fit, without exaggeration, the royal baggage.

Call us now to book suitable for your car station wagon!

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