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Rent a car in Kyiv: rent a car quickly and inexpensively for personal use

 007Car rental you may need at any time.

You may need to meet the family at the train station, to solve business problems or to go on an unforgettable journey.

That is why rent a car in Rent95 - it's a great opportunity to provide comfortable and affordable transport. After all, a private car for the weekend will be much cheaper than a taxi service.

Here you can to rent a car for the required period. Make a service can be both in Kyiv as well as in any other city of Ukraine. Car delivery is also possible at the airport or train station.

How to rent a car?

You just need two documents:

  • Passport;
  • Driver's license;

Making Services takes approximately 15 minutes.

Rent95 offers more than a hundred vehicles of the fleet. Arrange car hire it can be in the office in almost all major cities of Ukraine - or we will arrange a convenient way for you to sign the contract.

Today Rent95 service boasts the presence of regular customers. We will be glad if you become one of them!

Call the phone numbers listed on the site. We have rent a car no more difficult than home delivery pizzas.

What are the options for rental cars in Kyiv we offer you?       

  • 003Rental car economy class. The main feature is a reasonable price for reliable and high-quality cars. The category includes cars from the following manufacturers: Ford, Renault, Skoda and others.
  • Rent of middle class cars. Category encompasses cars increased comfort. Among the available brands of cars: Toyota Corolla, Mazda 3, Honda Civic, and others.
  • Rental car business class. Cars from the "business" category of the following characteristics: reliability, exceptional comfort, the representative appearance. You have the following brand: Honda Accord, Toyota Camry, Hyundai Sonata, and others.
  • Rental car premium. Brands such as Audi A7, Mercedes S-class, and Porsche Panamera speak for themselves. Best Cars for connoisseurs of high quality.

Great choice allows select car rental for a particular purpose, based on your budget.

For how long can rent a car?

To rent a car it can be for an indefinite period with a minimum order of two days.

You can also order:

  • 004Rental car for the weekend. Two days comfortable free movement only costs from $ 20 per day. The complex is a cheaper and more convenient to all public transportation.
  • Rental car for a week. You can save more when make a car for a longer period. Rent from four days brings savings of around $ 5-10 per day.
  • Rental car for a month. Rent95 service allows you to use the car 30 days or more. You can rent a car for a month and, thus, to obtain the most favorable price for the service.

How much does a car rental in Kyiv and Ukraine?

The cost depends entirely on the use of the term, car model and your needs:

  • Rental car price Available from US $ 20 per day;
  • The longer the period of use of the car, the more you save. When ordering the machine for 30 days or more discount amount will reach 35-40% of the cost for each day of use;
  • A huge fleet is divided into several classes. This allows each find a vehicle for rent according to his needs and budget;

Use Rent95 service facilities. Make sure that with our help cheap car rental - this is reality.

What are the main advantages of our Machines for rent?

  • Always on the go! Each car is taken in the fleet only after diagnosis. Professional inspection is carried out on a regular basis - the basic functions are checked immediately before the car.
  • 006Perfect cleanliness. It is important that rent a car you were, first of all, convenient and pleasant. Fresh air in the cabin, clean, soft chairs and crystal glass a positive attitude on the trip and cheerfulness at all times on the road.
  • Driver’s mind. Every car is insured. For the convenience of the road you can use the GPS-navigation, video recorder, Wi-Fi router. Call us, and together we will agree on the necessary vehicle equipment.

Why rent a car in Kyiv, Ukraine you favorably at us?

  • The huge range of cars;
  • Minimum package of documents;
  • Registration for 15 minutes;
  • Rental car without driver and full freedom of movement Ukraine except Crimea and the territory of the OUF;
  • The fair value of services and the possibility of further savings;
  • Reliable technical condition of vehicles.

If you are looking for, where you can rent a car - take advantage of our offer.

We look forward to your applications!

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